Beatmaster Studio is a young and bold recording studio established in Rome on 2013.During the last years they made music productions for Universal Italia,Sky Cinema,Rai TV,Mediaset TV,Roccia Music,Honiro,Saint Louis Music College and Rome York including also music productions for talented italians artists like : Boss Doms,Achille Lauro,Martina May,Fenetik Beat,Gemitaiz,Banf,Jesto,Dj Pitch8,Faida,Sfera Ebbasta,Supabros and Domus Daimon.The producer and owner of the studio,Marco Meschini asked me to design the identity for the studio so I approached it using a classic and minimal design to let the identity being elegant and timeless.The logo idea came up while I was looking to an old 70's magnetic tape recorder which is still used in some good recording studio,so I tought to join the idea of a classic object like it and the monogram BM that stands for Beatmaster.Once the identity was created I tought it would have been nice to work on some minimal art posters to hang on the walls of the Beatmaster Studio so I worked on a design based on the five waves a synthetizer can produce and it came out a series of posters : Sine Waves,Square Waves,Triangle Waves,Sawtooth Waves and Noise Waves.