Stepsbros is a t-shirt company based in Rome,Italy. They create t-shirts inspired by various historical events and philosophical concepts. The idea of the brand is inspired by two guys speaking about various things while sitting on their front door steps, from here comes out the name: " STEPSBROS ". The brand guidelines are divided in seven sections. For this brand I designed a new logotype and its application on various formats, describing everything using various modulars grids systems being careful also about the use of the fonts and typography. You can find a complete set of icons with their geometrical composition and application. The whole project is designed with a primary dominant colours palette which is formed by a deep navy blue,a dark bordeaux red, an ice grey and clear white. The last section of the Stepsbros Brand Guidelines is composed by a special typography section designed by me and Lorenzo Properzi. This is a fresh start for the Stepsbros company leading it to a new and precise growth of the brand.
You can find the Stepsbros Brand Guidelines here.